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What Makes A Great Builder

When calling for services from a contracting team, having confidence in your decision to pick the right builder can make a difference - especially for the project outcome. So what makes a great builder?

Experience & Reputation

The first thing you want to assess is the builder’s experience and reputation. A team that has been in business for decades usually has a good reason for being in business so long. Look at reviews and ask for references to get a better understanding of what you will expect.

A Strong Support System

Great builders have a solid team behind them to ensure high quality results. Hire a contractor that has good relationships with their suppliers and internal staff to ensure all job needs can be handled smoothly.

Proper Paperwork

Contracts, warranty and insurances are crucial to any job. Choosing a contractor that is honest and transparent is important to the outcome of your job.


When a company is passionate about their work they are more likely to put extra effort into your project to achieve your goals and have fun while doing so.

Highly Motivated

Good contractors are highly motivated. They know how to keep their clients and their staff motivated, on track and determined.

Decision Makers

Clients do not know how to build or run projects - thats why they hire the contractors. Hiring a contractor that can make decisions when needed without delay and quickly if changes occur unexpectedly, is important for any project to run smoothly.

Understanding Markets

Hiring a contractor that understands the market, materials, trends and costs is important when determining a realistic budget and timeline.

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