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Tips To Stay On Budget With Your Project

1. Keep your budget at the top of your wish list. This will help keep you accountable and practical when determining what is the most important to you.

2. Hire a designer that understands the costs and can work with you to make your dreams happen.

3. Keep budgeting throughout the project. Understanding where your financials sit will help keep you on track and know what yo can afford to do.

4. Always add a contingency. There is always something bound to happen in a project that is unforeseen. Having an extra cushion for this will give you breathing room.

5. Get definitive costs. Understanding where your fixed costs are is important to sticking to your budget.

6. Be flexible. Your dream space can still be achieved but you may need to opt for slightly different items to ensure you get to the end goal without breaking the bank.

7. Consider some DIY options. When it comes to decor and other simple items outside of the construction, creating DIY objects is a great tool.

8. Buy in bulk. Consider buying more initially to save on costs. The more you buy of one product, the cheaper it usually is.

9. Listen to good advice. A good contractor or designer wants to help you achieve your dreams, not rob you of them. With their experience, they have learned the tricks of the trade, know available products and can easily offer you advice on how to make the best bang for your buck.

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