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Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Home For Summer

Switch out throw pillows

An easy fix is to swap out your pillows for brighter colours

Embrace Summer Scents

Fill your home with diffuser/spray scenes that contain coconut, cucumber or lavender for a fresh summer smell

Swap out your bed linens

Change up your linens to a brighter or lighter color in the summer. Do not be afraid to go bold

Bring the outdoors in

Add more greenery to your indoor space to help if feel more earthy

Accessorize with citrus

Adding bowls of fruit to your dining/kitchen area can make the space appear brighter and more summery

Commit to a floral motif

Adding in floral patterns and colors can energize your space

Bring in pops of color

Keeping your main color pallet neutral and adding pops of color make your space feel more energized and brighter

Head outdoors

Create a magical space outdoors that gets you amped up for great weather. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be decorated with things that inspire you

Swap your curtains

Opt for flowy curtains. The gentle breeze that comes into your windows that make your curtains shift around the room with give the space a more airy appearance and feel

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