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Interior Design Phases Of Your Project

Planning a new build or renovation? Want to hire an Interior Designer but not sure how the process works? The Interior Design process works through a series of phases that work together to create your dream project! Here is a simple overview of how it works!

Phase One:

The Initial Meeting During the initial meeting with me, we will work through a series of questions to understand exactly where you want to go with your design. We will do this through questions focusing on function, style, lifestyle, etc. We will also do a walk-through of the space(s), take measurements and photographs. You also provide a budget within this phase of the project as a guideline to work with.

Phase Two:

Initial Concepts Based on the information discovered through the initial meeting, this phase kick starts the initial design. Material selections, 3D concepts, color schemes, research and renovation concepts (of renovations are required) are provided to the client through a couple various design options. The client’s role in this phase is to narrow down their selections or even make a final one if the design is exactly what they need. (The design is never perfect on it the first stage as it works to primarily gauge your style and needs).

Phase Three:

Revisions Based on feedback from phase two, revisions are created. Once complete, the information is once again presented to the client to make selection choices. The goal is to finalize material selections, custom cabinetry and layouts in this phase.

Phase Four:

Quoting Quoting begins on the finalized material selections, cabinetry and install in this phase. The material options were previously chosen to match your budget needs, therefore the quotes are just finalized numbers within the budget based on your final selections. If materials or custom units are higher then the proposed budget, then revisions are made to find the same style of materials to match your budget. The goal is to work for the budget, not against it.

Phase Five:

Ordering In this phase your materials and customer pieces are ordered. Initial construction or other labour begins to prep for the work to be completed.

Phase Six:

Details Now that materials and colors are selected, the details are next! Furniture, decor and more are selected for you based on your needs both functionally and aesthetically and the selected materials. The goal is to take the time consuming and frustrating thought process away from you and ease your decision making by doing the foot work while you make ‘yes’ & ‘no’ decisions on the selections. Revisions are made throughout this stage.

Phase Seven:

Quoting Finalized quotes are provided for furniture, decor & more. Again, revisions can be made if required based on finalized pricing. There are always many options to work with.

Phase Eight:

Ordering In this phase, your furniture, decor and more are ordered.

Phase Nine:

Installs By this point, the install of materials, custom pieces, renovations, etc have already began. The timeline works to ensure your furniture, decor, etc arrive in time for the installations to complete. In doing so, once installs are done, the furniture, decor, etc can be placed in a timely manor with the completion of the project.

Phase Ten:

Walk-through Once the project is complete in regards to installs, furniture & decor placement, etc, a walk-through is conducted with the client and the team to ensure every part of the project has met their needs. If there are any issues, a punch list is created together and within a predetermined time frame, all items will be fixed by the team.

Phase Eleven:

Celebration Your project is complete! Now it is time to enjoy your new space!

*Header image from Arch Daily

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