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Can I Hire An Interior Designer On A Budget?

Yes! You can hire an Interior Designer on a budget. Very common questions are do I need to have a large income to afford an Interior Designer? How can I afford an Interior Designer on a budget?

The truth is, it is easy! Interior Designers are not inclusive to certain income gaps. The goal of our job is to be useable by everyone in order to help make EVERYONE'S dreams a reality!

When you work with an Interior Designer, YOU set the budget on whatever number you are most comfortable to work with. The budget will cover all areas, through furniture, decor, the design fees, etc. All designers work differently, some charge an hourly rate and some charge a flat fee. Be mindful when you choose a designer as fees can always rack up fast - however, a great interior designer will work with you and ensure you are kept up-to-date with the costs as they grow in all areas.

The best part of having a budget and working with an Interior Designer is that it is their goal to go through every various outlet when it comes to providing you with options and pricing. Through this, they can work to find you the best deals possible, or great pieces that resemble similarities to what you want but for lower prices.

Don’t be afraid to work with a designer if you have a lower budget. Be open with your designer and your project will run smooth. Whether the budget for your space is $1000 or $100,000, an Interior Designer will work with you to bring you the best solutions possible.

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