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As A Client, How Do I Prepare For My Project?

If you know what to expect with your project, you’ll know how to prepare properly. It is ideal to hire the right contractor to handle complex projects so you do not disrupt your every life to some extent. Proper preparation will help minimize the disturbance and make the project easier for both parties. Here are some tips for preparing for your project:

1. Do research and familiarize yourself with the tasks involved. Even though you are hiring someone to take care of your project, knowing the basics of timelines and how it’s done will give you an idea of what to expect.

2. Have an alternate space ready for you. For example, If you are planning on renovating your bedroom you will need another place to sleep. If you are renovating your kitchen, you need another source to prep food. Discuss the project with your contractor to see how livable your place will be and what the alternatives are for you.

3. Ensure you have the proper ventilation set up. For projects that will require paints, solvents or other harmful/strong fumes it is important to ventilate your space. This can include running an air filtering system, cleaning the space thoroughly before and after or even by leaving windows open.

4. Prepare a safe place for pets and children. It is important to keep them away from the worksite to prevent injury and distractions.

5. Maintain open lines of communication. Everyone should be on the same page for the project to reach success.

6. Be prepared for unexpected expenses. No matter how advances you plan for your project, there is almost always something that causes more financial requirements. Having an extra 10-20% put away on top of the estimated project is ideal.

7. Establish traffic areas. Knowing where workers will be walking around with tools and what areas they will need access too is important when reducing clutter to get the job done smoothly.

8. Set a realistic budget. Having a budget keeps all parties accountable.

9. Know your limits. It is important to know where the line is drawn on your personal capabilities versus what you will need to hire for. Do not try to take on things you do not have the experience for as it will waste both your time and money.

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