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8 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Bathroom Renovation

Mistake One:

Low Ventilation. Invest in a fan with a timer switch. Your fan should actually run for 15 minutes after you have stepped out of the shower. By doing so, you prevent your paint from peeling, and mold spores from growing.

Mistake Two:

Mismatched Fixtures. As a rule of thumb, do not mix more then two styles of wood, metals or tiles. Keep your fixtures and finishes consistent, especially in small spaces.

Mistake Three:

Dull Lighting. A typical bathroom has a small footprint. Therefore it is important to have proper lighting in order to reduce shadows that will be casted when you’re getting ready in the mirror. Wall sconces are a great option to reduce the shadows. We recommend opting for a pot light in the shower as well for additional light.

Mistake Four:

Going Trendy. While it’s important to keep up with current trends, going overboard will cost you. A bathroom is something you are not constantly investing money into as changes come at a higher cost, therefore it is important to keep it neutral and keep your ‘trendy items’ as items that can be easier replaced. Remember when pink toilets and showers were in? Look how quickly that fad faded.

Mistake Five:

Painting without a primer. Using a mold and moisture resistant primer is one of the best things you can do for your bathroom.

Mistake Six:

Improperly Anchored Towel Bars. If you do not install blocking within your wood framing, your towel bars are not going to stick. This is a simple but important piece of your renovation!

Mistake Seven:

Choosing the wrong materials. Bathrooms undergo serious stress with high levels of use. They take on temperature shifts, high moisture levels and more. When designing your new bathroom, you want to choose materials that are designed specifically for bathroom use. For example: if you are looking to add wallpaper to the space, you will need to make sure it can survive humidity changes.

Mistake Eight:

Being unrealistic about your budget. Be honest with your budget and what you can afford. Bathrooms and kitchens are the most expensive renovations in your house. It is better to splurge on your plumbing fixtures and flooring to ensure it holds up well against time as this is not an area you want to constantly fix.

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