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7 Ways To Increase Your Home Value

Tip One:

Spend time with a pro! A realtor or Interior Designer can check out your space and offer simple suggestions on how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Tip Two:

Get an inspection! Not all improvements are cosmetic and some times structural elements need to be upgraded. Hire an inspector to assess structural, electrical and plumbing areas of your home.

Tip Three:

Paint! The most cost effective way to transform your space is to paint it. Give it a neutral refresh as this will help future buyers envision what the space will look like with their belongings.

Tip Four:

Cut energy costs and improve air quality. Invest in HVAC and other energy efficiency savings that could include the installation of more/better insulation.

Tip Five:

Get down and dirty but adding in low-maintenance landscaping to up your curb appeal.

Tip Six:

Update your kitchen & master bathroom (main if you do not have an ensuite). These areas are the biggest selling feature in your home!

Tip Seven:

Replace worn carpet or flooring.

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