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Photo of Ed Genge

Ed Genge

One thing is for sure, he would have chuckled, made some funny comment about it but would have been honoured, humbled and proud that his sons and friends named their company after him.


EDmund GEnge – see it?  EDGE Contracting is a family-based business named after an incredibly hard-working, humble, resourceful man.  Ed Genge, the father of Mark and Glenn Genge, and dear friend of Glen Cook and Hedley Elms, was a man who quite often got his point across by either going silent or saying something pointedly witty!  A mentor to many, he was a man very easy to like.  A mason by trade, Ed was no stranger to hard work, he did it every day.  When they coined the phrase (and we say this because Ed would have laughed!) “He could put the arse back in the cat", they were thinking of Ed.  There wasn’t anything he couldn’t recycle and use again, there wasn’t a job he couldn’t do.


Patient, slow to anger, very funny (he loved a good laugh), Ed enjoyed work; he enjoyed people; he was happy passing on what he knew.  He was a teacher and was extremely well-respected and liked by all who had the opportunity to know him.  Ed’s family always came first.  There wasn’t anything he was prouder of than his wife, children and grandchildren.

Ed passed away in May 2018.  His absence is still felt keenly by his family and friends.  “Work hard. Do your best. Keep your word.”   The foundation stones for success here at EDGE Contracting were laid long ago when Mark, Glenn, Hedley and Glen began to work with Ed.  EDGE Contracting is a tribute to the lasting lessons of hard work, integrity and honourable character that EDmund GEnge has left behind.  And, as Ed would say,

“That’s perfeck.” (not a typo!)



During this phase we work with you to understand your main project goals and assess your overall needs to ensure they are incorporated into the design phase. 



During this phase, we collect all of the information from our consult and create preliminary concepts, budgets, working drawings, etc where required to understand exactly what you need. 



After we have collected all of the information in the preliminary phase, we consult over all details and provide you with a quote and background information on what is required to effectively complete your project. 



After the quote is approved, we finalize all details related to your project through design, procurement, scheduling and more.



With all details finalized, we kick-start your project and communicate all details necessary throughout it to give you ease. At the end, we celebrate a job well done! 


Meet The Team

Mark Genge_edited_edited.jpg

Mark Genge

St. John's

With over 27 years of experience in the construction industry (and the ability to effectively listen), Mark has a considerable dossier that focuses on operations, business development and expansion. Marks expertise lies in Operations Management and Client Services. He has an innate ability to find solutions that help remove an issue that may be challenging or difficult to maneuver.


Glen Cook

St. John's

With more than 25 years in the construction industry, Glen has specific experience in: Hazardous material remediation, commercial duct cleaning, infection control in healthcare settings, and insurance restoration. What would we consider to be Glen’s area of expertise? Bidding, managing hazardous material abatement and infection control projects.


Jillian Hunt

St. John's

 With more than 12 years in the construction, restoration and renovations industry, Jillian is extremely knowledgeable of all things construction-related!  Not only is she a talented craftswoman, Jillian has specific experience in insurance restoration, renovations,  inspections and assessments.


Hedley Elms


With 28 years of experience in the construction and abatement industry, Hedley has an extensive resume of team and operations management that EDGE is excited to offer to its clients! He has the ability to motivate a team
toward a common goal. Hedley likes to take charge, assemble, mobilize and motivate teams in all aspects of the business.


Deanne Lee

St. John's

Deanne would say that what she planned to do with her professional life is not where she ended up!  "I believe that everyone eventually gets to where they are meant to be in life and do what they are meant to do."  A graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Lawrence College, Deanne has worked in the construction industry for the last 19 years.  The biggest asset she brings to Edge Contracting is her adaptability and specialization in business development.


Claudette Marsh

St. John's

Claudette brings 9 years of administrative experience to our Edge team as well as over 30 years in the customer services and sales industry. She holds a diploma in accounting and is currently working toward her Office Administration Executive Assistance Diploma.


Natalie Day

St. John's

Natalie would best describe her arrival here at Edge as the stars aligning! Having been referred to Edge by an acquaintance she knew that the opportunity to grow with the Edge team was something that she couldn't let slip away. Natalie brings over 8 years of accounting, payroll, HR and administrative experience, along with 20 years of leadership and customer service. When Natalie isn't working with Edge, you can find her on the hiking trails taking in all that NL has to offer.


Joanne Benoit


Joanne brings extensive experience in the office administration sector with 10 years in the industry. Joanne spent many years running her own company successfully but decided an environment like EDGE was best for her. When she isn't working at EDGE she is playing music with her family.


Andrew Parsons

St. John's

Andrew brings over 18 years of experience to the team as our HVAC Project Manager and Supervisor. Andrew brings a high level of professionalism and efficiency to every project. He has experience in commercial, industrial and offshore projects as well as infection control in long-term healthcare facilities.



EDGE lent a hand to the Honest 

Cobbler to deliver restored

footwear to various organizations

in the city servicing those in need.


Our Labrador team was approached by a prospective client looking to get a quote on a wheelchair ramp for their son Owen. Knowing how much of a good impact this would make on Owen's daily life, the Labrador EDGE team with the help of RONA & Timber Mart (through material donations) were able to provide Owen and his family with a brand new ramp for free! 


EDGE loves to sponsor the Youth of our province.  

EDGE lent a hand to the Honest 

Cobbler to deliver restored

footwear to various organizations

in the city servicing those in need.



"Decades of project management experience, from large to small, across a multitude of industries. They possess an unparalleled commitment to honesty, transparency and ethics"


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